Partner Integration

Integrating with TUNE as a partner enables you to work with mutual clients (with the TUNE SDK) cross-platform.

Once integrated with the TUNE® Marketing Console, there are four main benefits:

  1. A page devoted specifically to your integrated platform, viewable to our TUNE clients. This page raises your visibility to clients and includes functionality for clients to generate measurement URLs and configure data sharing.
  2. Clients' measurement URLs are automatically tagged with any additional parameters that your platform supports, making it easy for data to be passed between systems.
  3. Clients can configure data sharing where install and/or event data streams are sent to your platform via our postback mechanism in real-time to support reporting, optimization, targeting, etc.
  4. Access to the TUNE Partner Center to manage and optimize campaign performance between marketers and advertising partners. Provides integrated advertising partners with the tools they need to quickly gauge campaign performance, troubleshoot technical issues, and more efficiently communicate results with marketers.
Establishing an integration with TUNE simplifies how marketers use the TMC with your platform.